"Grow crops and gather animal produce"

First of all, for farming, you need to find a farm on which you can use farming plot to grow your crops. I mostly use the Othalo farm.
Othalo farms

Buy some seeds from a nearby farmer (i will be using jute for now), and you can plant them on a farming plot after you raked it.
Farmer and farming plot

Now rake your plot, and make sure you have a Filled watering can in your inventory (you can buy one from farmer). After you raked the plot it is ready for planting.
Planting the seeds
After you have planted your seeds, three bars will appear.
The green one represents growth, blue one how much watering is needed and red one if a disease appears and how much you will lose to it. Watch your crops and prune the disease as soon as it appears.

 Three bars

When your crops have grown fully, it is time to harvest them.

Harvesting crops

That's it for the planting and harvesting crops part.
But you can use your harvested crops (i will here explain how to make coarse cloth with jute i just harvested) to craft more stuff.

If you want to make coarse cloth you need to buy Weak dye (farmer also sells it) and shear a sheep (which gaze near the farm).

Shearing a sheep

After you got dye, wool and jute (plant not seed) in your inventory go to a nearby farmhouse (it just near farming plots) and use the textile mill to make some Coarse Cloth.

  Making cloth at textile mill

That would be the basics of farming, if you need more help ask freely.
Now go out there and harvest all the crops :D

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