nedjelja, 12. siječnja 2014.

subota, 11. siječnja 2014.

A special companion joins us ;)

Say hello to Teilynn, who will be joining us on our adventures through the land of Eldevin. Truly an very special archer. Soon more posts about our adventure will be here ;)

utorak, 7. siječnja 2014.

Starting again

Since the Eldevin has been official launched some time ago my character has been reset ( and all my hard work on it) so now its time to start anew.
*toggles on epic music*
And rise from the ashes of the past like an... an PHOENIX!!!
*epic guitar solo*

But yea, we are starting anew.
Hope you will be reading and following me :)

četvrtak, 18. srpnja 2013.

nedjelja, 14. srpnja 2013.

Full bronze

Finally got myself full bronze armor, all made by my own self :).
Now it's time to learn to make improved armor and also lvl up myself so i can use it.

subota, 13. srpnja 2013.

Got Hammer

Got myself a nice little hammer from the Othalo barracks dungeon instance.
Now it's hammer time all over the lands of Eldevin.
Or i can go Warhammer style all over the place; Blood for the blood God, and skulls for the skull throne!!!

Also I always hit over 100HP damage to enemies, so this is my favorite little play thing now >:)

And to demonstrate it's power here am I killing one of the most ferocious beast of the lands, the Grey Squirrel.